Zumba Class a Favorite


One of the girl’s favorite things to do….Zumba class.



West Ridge Academy Explorers Artwork


Attached is a colorful presentation from the awesome students at West Ridge Academy.

The assignment was to use watercolors and Explore Our World and Beyond.

Some are plant life, some water life, some their own creation of a nebula or planet. All are beautiful in their own way. 

Only a few students have ever used water colors before this.

 Thomas Hewitson-Art Teacher

West Ridge Academy Students Attend the “Miller Award” Activities

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Last week a group of our students participated in the “Miller Awards” activities.  This is earned by completing certain criteria as they progress and work their programs.  For phase 1 the group attended ” The Peanuts Movie”, phase 2 had a tour of the Vivint Arena and  played on the Utah Jazz basketball court and had lunch afterwards.  For phase 3 the girls attended “Disney on Ice” and the boy attended a Utah Jazz game.  Thanks to the Miller Group for making this possible.

Art Project-Accentuate the Positive

Ropes Course Activities Here on West Ridge Academy Campus


This last month our students started out on the lower course first and then have  moved to the higher ones.  They are learning to trust one another, rely on someone else, communicate, and overcome their fears.  For many this is the first time and it can be a little scary.  We have encouraged them all to get out of their comfort zone and at least try, they all have been cheered on as they’ve made attempts.  Not all of them have gotten up to the top, but success for them was making it to the top of the ladder.  We’re very fortunate to be able to have our own ropes course here on campus and as you can see by the pictures the students love it.

Girls Team Building/ Obstacle Course

pic 3pic 2Pic 1

It was the girls turn to do the obstacle course at Camp Williams this week. They were way proud because they finished the obstacles and worked together and didn’t give up. Way to go girls!

Boys Camp Williams Retreat

The boys participated in the obstacle course at Camp Williams last week.  Before each event they were given a task and had to accomplish it leaving no man behind. Some of the activities were crossing over and electric fence, they had to set up an observation point, move a cart load of critical supplies, and escape from a POW camp. They had a great time and of course good food, afterwards they went swimming. Thanks to all those who organized it!


Girl’s Boating Activity @ Rockport

The girls had a great time at Rockport this week.  Thanks to all those who made it possible they had alot of fun and sun!!boating try 3IMG_3146IMG_3147IMG_3183 editedIMG_3140

Field Trip to Utah Opera House- Carousel


We had the great opportunity to attend a play at the Utah Opera House in Logan last week. Carousel is a classic piece of theatre that’s often over looked due to the repertoire of musicals produced by the dynamic duo Rodgers and Hammerstein. The pair wrote and composed Carousel after their first piece of work, Oklahoma!, was a smashing success. Although Carousel earned far fewer accolades then its predecessor, Carousel was later referred to by Richard Rodgers as the favorite of all his musicals.

After the play we went to a park and ate pizza and salads.  It was a fun outing for the students and staff, thanks to Lisa Klomp who makes it possible each year for us to attend and who feeds us afterwards!

Daniel Earns His Eagle Scout Award

Congrats to Daniel for earning his Eagle Scout Award what a great way to finish our program.