Yesterday our track team had an awesome day at the Wendover meet. 

Coach Bruce sent out a summary of the day: “The boys with a team of 5 went against teams with as many as 18 boys and finished 4th out of 8 teams with a team total of 68 points beating Wendover by 1 point. The girls finished a very strong 2nd with 116.5  points ahead of St. Joseph’s 105. We will be taking as many as 9 girls and 3 boys to the state meet next week. For those of you who only know about this program from what you read in these updates, these students were so well behaved the last few weeks, the few minor incidents that have been addressed have little or nothing to do with track. They are really just an extension of their development in the program. Learning to get along with each other and know their boundaries. The growth we see in these kids is amazing. I could highlight the individual finishes but it would take to much of your time. If you wish to see all the results you can go the, hit track and field and go to high school results Region 18 meet and you can see all our results. Trust me when I say our kids are respected and liked by all our region teams, this is a great group of student athletes.”