We went to our first debate tournament ever over the weekend.  It was a different experience for all of the students and a great learning experience for all of us.  It took a bit for them to settle down and to adjust to the way debate works, but they eventually settled down and were able to do well.

At the end of the day, when the dust had settled, we were able to bring home some hardware.  We took 1st place for all 1A schools in the tournaments.  Jake N took 4th place in poetry interpretation AND 5th place in national extemporaneous speaking.  Becca T took 6th place in student congress.  Not bad for their first tournament!  The rest of the students didn’t bring home any trophies, however, they worked hard and did a good job in their individual meets.

All in all it was a good meet for us.  We overcame adversity, learned the systems and, most importantly, had fun.

On a different note, in the future, we will be in need of volunteer judges.  If you know anyone or have the time yourself to go to one of our tournaments with us in order to judge, please let me know.  Tournaments run on volunteer judges.  Schools that don’t bring their share are given a financial penalty.  We were ok this tournament.  But if you or someone you know could come and help us, we’d really appreciate that.  The ballots are idiot proof so if you are worried that you don’t know the first thing about debate, don’t worry about it.


Steve Porter