D Home in Hanna

The boys had a great time in Hanna, the weather was wonderful and they all had fun with the Hanna Challenge.  They split into teams and have fun activities competing against each other.

Devotional Speaker 7/13 Mark R Christensen

Biography :
Mark Christensen was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He received his BS in Organizational Communications from the University of Utah and later an MA from the University of Phoenix. He is married to the former Cheri Watson and they are the parents of four children. He has been a Seminary teacher, principle, or Institute instructor for more than 25 years in various locations in the Salt Lake Valley. Some of his hobbies include reading, hiking, and fishing.

Devotional starts at 6:30pm in the Girls Spiritual Living Center, hope you can join us.

West Ridge Academy Students attend the Utah Opera

Both the boys and the girls had the opportunity to attend the Utah Opera performance of Oklahoma in Logan yesterday.

Special thanks to Lisa Klomp for making this an annual tradition for our students.



West Ridge Academy Celebrates 4th of July

The students had a good time celebrating the 4th of July.  They had fun on a slip-n-slide for a good part of the day and then had water balloon activities followed by fireworks here on campus.

4th july 2 4th of July

West Ridge Academy Weekend Activity

Our boys attended the air show this last weekend, they reported having a good time.


West Ridge Academy Boys go to Air Musuem

Last weekend the boys went to the air museum for their Sat activity.

West Ridge Academy’s B Home in Hanna

The boys in B Home had a wonderful time in Hanna this week. Along with rappelling they did the “Hanna Challenge” which is designed to have the homes work together in team building activities. They had to build a tripod and get their team 2 feet off the ground, the next challenge was to fill a pvc pipe with enough water to get the ping pong ball to rise out of the top of it, then onto canoeing only using your arms/no ores, and the favorite and last was eating baby food, a jar of peas, yumm.  They all had a great time.

photo 3 photo 4

Sage Home Rappelling in Hanna

Sage home is in Hanna for a couple of days having a great time.  Pictures of them rappelling.

Hanna #1 Hanna #2 Hanna #3 Hanna #4 Hanna #5

WRA Criminal Justice Class

Yesterday the girls criminal justice class went to the Salt Lake County Courthouse. What a fun and educational field trip.

Filed Trip

Great Time at the Summer Palooza

Good times had by all at the Summer Palooza held at West Ridge Academy Campus.  Thanks to all our staff and students for a job well done.