WRA Halloween Assembly

Our student council planned a Halloween assembly with a competition relay race. Each team competed against each other. They raced using a broom, then wrapped someone as a mummy using toilet paper, bobbed for apples, tried to find some reeces pieces in a bowl of whip cream without using their hands. There were awards for the best hairdo and makeup. IMG_2692 IMG_2696 IMG_2699 IMG_2705 IMG_2710 IMG_2755

West Ridge Academy Devotional Speaker Nov 9th -Jeff Murdock

Jeff 4X5

Jeff Murdock-

MA in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute, California. BA in Psychology from Brigham Young University, Utah. . Previously, worked with West Ridge as a live-in counselor, home parent, school teacher, campus administrator, weekends and assistant clinical director. He and his wife have had 17 foster children. Currently serving West Ridge Academy as Director of Training and a full-time Therapist. Current host of WRA Hope and Healing Podcast. Credentials include Crisis Prevention and Intervention Instructor, NOJOS (Network on Juveniles Offending Sexually). Additional background in Reactive Attachment Disorder,DBT, Addictions, Family Systems and Survivors of Abuse. With Utah Boys Ranch/ West Ridge Academy since 1987. He also enjoys performing in plays, his latest roles have been The Pharoah in Joseph of Egypt, Daddy Warbucks in Annie and the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.  He’s a talented musician and loves composing music.  He will be performing some of his songs at the devotional.

Honoring Tenured Employees at West Ridge Academy

Recently we honored all of tenured employees who have dedicated themselves to WRA for 10 years or more. Each one was presented with a gift of appreciation for their service and dedication throughout the years.

Jim McMaster-1987               Mike Ruoho-1987                   Eric Allred-1989                  Jeff Murdock-1992

Jim 4X5Mike 4X5Eric Allred 4X5Jeff 4X5


Sandra Hirschi-1992                Lisa Moeller 1992                 Paul Keene-1992                John Stohlton-1992

Sandra 4X5Lisa 4X5Paul 4X5Stohlton 4X5

Jay Honey-1998                       Wendy Ballard-2000          Amy Whittaker 2001           John Ogden-2002

Jay 4X5Wendy 4X5Amy 4X5Ogden 4X5

Luis Alvarado -2003                Lynn Smith-2004

Luis 4X5Lynn 4X5

West Ridge Academy Baseball Team

bb1 bb2 bb3 bb4

Our baseball team plays this Friday at home against Tintic. Games are at 2:00 & 4:00.  Come and cheer the Eagles on!

Devotional Speaker 9/14-Daniel Paul Burton

Daniel has an inspiring story about never giving up.  We encourage families to attend the devotional with their child as long as the minimums have been met.


Daniel Paul Burton (born in 1963) is an American bicycle enthusiast from Eagle Mountain UT and the first person to complete an expedition from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole by bicycle. Daniel started his expedition, The South Pole Epic on December 2, 2013 at Hercules Inlet and arrived at the South Pole on January 21, 2014.


Burton was a computer programmer by trade. Twenty-three years into his career and out of shape in his 40s, Burton went to get his blood checked. His cholesterol numbers were terrible, his blood pressure was high and he was a bit overweight.He started to mountain bike and in 2008 established a bike shop in Saratoga Springs called Epic Biking.He finished the LOTOJA Classic six times and then wanted to do more. He decided to set out on his Antarctic ride to inspire people and to encourage donations to the American Diabetes Association.  He also wanted to ride in honor of his mother, whose high cholesterol contributed to her death on November 30, 2012.

The South Pole Epic

Burton started riding fat bikes, which are fortified bikes with wide tires that are intended for sand, ice and snow. He became interested in Eric Larsen’s attempt to travel to the bottom of the world in 2012. Larsen made it a quarter of the way before turning around.  Training for a year, Burton set off on his South Pole Epic expedition December 2, 2013. He started at Hercules Inlet and rode 775 miles until he reached the Geographic South Pole.

West Ridge Academy Campus Clean Up

campus clean up edited Campus cleanup edited

Weds morning was a campus cleanup day.  The staff and kids worked together on this project picking up trash around the outside, cleaning windows, and cleaning the schools.  Afterwards we had a delicious lunch of barbequed steak and potatoes with the works. Some of the values that we hope our students will gain while they are here is that of giving service and taking pride in their surroundings.

West Ridge Academy Cross Country Team

Boys’ Cross Country ran its second race Sat at Sugarhouse Park at the Highland High School Invitational.  Our boys’ 1A team competed against 400 other runners in their races from 1A-5A schools.  (Between all of the races and runners, there were 2700 kids running at the invitational).  The boys ran a great race with 2 boys finishing in the 18 minute range, 1 in the 19 minute range, and 2 in the 20 minute range.  Coach Bruce is hopeful that this team of runners is state bound.  C Country 2 C Country 3 cross country 1 Cross country 4

West Ridge Academy Boys Parent Retreat

Our boys had a wonderful time with their parents at the Parent Retreat held in Hanna last week. This was a chance for them to spend some quality time together, and focus on having some fun.   Some of the activities included rappelling, canoeing, a zip line, games and food.  Thanks to our staff Jay, Erin and Jeff!

P Retreat Parent retreat 1 Parent retreat

West Ridge Academy Field Trip to Hill Air Force Base

Friday our students went to Hill Air Force Base Museum where we looked at the planes and other gear and attended a workshop.

Hill Air Force #1 Hill Air Force #2

Criminal Justice Class Particpates in Mock Trial

mock trial 3mock trial 2mock trial 1

Our criminal justice class just participated in a mock trial at the U of U, their teacher Mr. Porter was the judge.  They have been preparing for this for several weeks now to present their cases.  The jury consisted of staff members. Both side did an excellent job! Thanks Mr. Porter!